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  Immunilflor Junior Syrup
Immunilflor Junior Syrup

Nutritional supplement with a complete formulation. It combines the well known properties of the Echinacea and Blueberry, Acerola (natural source of vitamin C) and Tyndallized Lactic Ferments (non vitals). It enhances the immunitary system’s defenses. Does not contain: artificial coloring, artificial sweeteners , ogm. Children under 8 years old: 5-10 ml. daily. Children over 8 years old: 10-15 ml. daily MRP: Rs 405.00 for 200 ml pack.
Chestnut honey (525 mg) Blueberry juice conc. (300 mg) Echinacea purpurea e.s.tit 4% (60 mg) Polyphenols total (2
4 mg) Echinacea purpurea e.s. tit. 2% (30 g) Chicory acid (15 mg) Echinacea angustifolia e.s. tit. 4% (0
6 mg) Echinacoside Tyndallized Lactic Ferments (non vitals) (1 billion) (L. Casei
L. Acidophilus
L. Plantarum
S. Termophilus) Acerola (50 mg)
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